DIY Natural Household Cleaners: Transform Your Home with Simple Ingredients

DIY Natural Household Cleaners: Transform Your Home with Simple Ingredients
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Introduction to DIY Natural Household Cleaners

Are you tired of breathing in harsh chemicals while scrubbing your kitchen counters? Are you looking for a frugal solution for store-bought cleaners? If so, then this post is for you! DIY natural household cleaners are a simple way to make your home sparkle and shine without relying on poisonous chemicals.

In this post, I’ll share some natural cleaning recipes and tips on how to create safe, homemade versions of common cleaning supplies. We’ll discuss the benefits of switching from chemical-based products to natural alternatives and the cost savings involved in doing so. So if you’re ready to give eco-friendly cleaning a whirl, let’s get started!

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A woman is wiping down a mirror with a microfiber cloth - DIY natural household cleaners.

Benefits of Using Natural Homemade Cleaning Products

Switching to DIY natural household cleaners for your cleaning needs can have some incredibly surprising advantages beyond just the environmental benefits.

A lot of people are unaware of all the financial, health, and even time-saving upsides that come with using natural home cleaning products instead of their chemical counterparts.

In this post, I’ll take a look at how making the switch from conventional synthetic cleansers to DIY natural houlsehold cleaners which can help you save money while still keeping your house looking its best.

Importance of Reducing Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

We all want to keep our family and home safe, but many of us overlook the dangers lurking in store-bought cleaning products. Many common household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can have adverse effects on your health if not used carefully.

Someone is holding up a blue potion with a poison symbol on it - DIY natural household cleaners

The American Lung Association states in their article, “Cleaning Supplies and Household Chemicals“, “Manufacturers are not obligated by U.S. law to list all ingredients in consumer products. Products that are labeled “green” do not necessarily mean they are safer.” So, switching to natural cleaning products reduces your chances of exposing yourself and your family to these potentially harmful chemicals.

Essential Oil: Use in DIY Natural Household Cleaners

Many essential oils can be used in DIY natural household cleaners.

Tea tree oil has antifungal and antiseptic properties which makes it great for disinfecting surfaces.

Lavender essential oil has deodorizing and calming properties which is perfect for freshening one’s home without adding lots of artificial fragrances.

A small brown-glass essential oil bottle with lavender flowers - DIY natural household cleaners

Citrus oils, such as lemon essential oil or orange essential oil, are refreshing scents and can even be used to clean kitchen countertops or dirtied ovens.

In general, essential oils are easy-to-use natural substances for cleaning in the home – they provide a plethora of options for natural cleaning that won’t harm your family’s health or the environment.

DIY natural household cleaners using essential oils will provide additional protection against germs. They are also less of a hazard when compared to using strong chemicals, such as chlorine bleach, typically used in store-bought cleaning products.

Brown-glass bottles with flowers - DIY natural household cleaners

White Vinegar: Use in DIY Natural Household Cleaners

White vinegar is a powerful ingredient used in many natural cleaners. White vinegar is safe to use around the home, is effective in killing germs and disinfecting surfaces, and is odorless.

It is an important component because its acidity helps break down grease marks, soap scum, and lime deposits when used with other common household ingredients such as baking soda. Finally, making vinegar solutions is incredibly affordable.

A jug of vinegar with a small bowl of it - DIY natural household cleaners

Kitchen Cleaners

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you want to ensure it’s clean and safe for your family. From all-purpose cleaners to homemade dish soap, there are many DIY natural household cleaners to choose from.

DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a homemade all-purpose cleaner that is effective, affordable, and safe for your family.

All you need for this homemade cleaning solution is vinegar and citrus peels, such as orange or lemon. The acidity in the vinegar helps to break down dirt and grime, while the citrus peels provide a pleasant scent and help to boost the cleaning power.

Lemons and oranges and peels of both - DIY natural household cleaners.

Simply fill a jar with citrus peels and cover with vinegar. Allow the mixture to sit for a few weeks before straining it into a spray bottle.

Homemade Dish Soap

Cleaning dishes is a daily chore that almost no one enjoys, but it’s even worse when you realize the harsh chemicals in your detergent could be harmful to the environment and your health. That’s why more and more people are turning to homemade dishwashing soap and dishwasher cleaners.

Someone is washing a plate - DIY natural household cleaners.

Here’s a simple recipe for a DIY dish soap:


  • 1 cup liquid castile soap

  • 1 tablespoon washing soda

  • 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin

  • 20 drops essential oil (optional, for fragrance)


  1. In a bowl, combine the liquid castile soap, washing soda, and vegetable glycerin.

  2. Stir the mixture well until all the ingredients are thoroughly blended.

  3. If desired, add 20 drops of your favorite essential oil for a pleasant scent. Some popular options include lemon and peppermint.

  4. Transfer the mixture to a clean, empty bottle or dispenser.

  5. Use the DIY dishwashing soap as you would use any regular dishwashing soap. Simply squirt a small amount onto a sponge or directly onto your dishes and wash as usual.

Homemade Dishwasher Cleaner


  • 1 cup washing soda

  • 1 cup borax

  • 1/2 cup citric acid

  • 1/2 cup coarse salt


  1. In a mixing bowl, combine the washing soda, borax, citric acid, and coarse salt. Mix well until all the ingredients are thoroughly blended.

  2. Transfer the mixture to an airtight container for storage.

To use, add about 1-2 tablespoons of the DIY dishwasher detergent to the dishwasher’s detergent compartment.

Borax, coarse salt, citric acid, washing soda - DIY natural household cleaners.

Cleaning an oven is a tough job. Here’s a good DIY oven cleaner by Mommy Lounge that you should check out.

Bathroom Cleaners

Cleaning your bathroom is an essential task in maintaining your home, but it can also be costly if you rely on store-bought cleaners. That’s why more and more people are turning to do-it-yourself (DIY) bathroom cleaners.

Someone is cleaning a toilet bowl - DIY natural household cleaners.

DIY Bathroom Disinfectant Spray

Maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom is essential for our overall health and well-being. In our search for disinfectants, we often turn to chemical-laden products that can harm not only us but also the environment.

You can use essential oil to fight off germs and viruses while enjoying a refreshing aroma in your bathroom. DIY bathroom disinfectant spray is not just cost-effective, but it also provides a safe and natural solution to your cleaning needs.

Here’s a simple recipe for a DIY disinfectant spray:


  • 1 cup isopropyl alcohol (at least 70% concentration)

  • 1/2 cup distilled water

  • 10 drops of tea tree essential oil

  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil


  1. In a spray bottle, combine the isopropyl alcohol and distilled water.

  2. Add the essential oil to the mixture.

  3. Screw the spray bottle cap back on and shake well to blend all the ingredients.

  4. Label the bottle for future reference.

Natural Solutions for Cleaning Toilet Bowls, Showers, and Mirrors

Cleaning toilets, showers, and mirrors can be a daunting task, especially when chemical cleaning products are involved. Luckily, there are natural solutions that are just as effective at getting the job done without exposing your home to harmful ingredients.

For toilet bowl cleaner, try mixing baking soda and vinegar for a classic and effective cleaner.

When it comes to shower walls and floors, a mixture of white vinegar and water can remove soap scum and mildew.

Finally, for sparkly-clean mirrors, mix water and rubbing alcohol and spray it on the glass before wiping it down with a microfiber cloth. These natural cleaning solutions not only get the job done, but they’ll leave your home smelling fresh and chemical-free.

Kiss Expedition has a homemade bathroom air freshener spray that you can easily make and will help your bathroom smell great without harmful chemicals.

A woman is wiping a mirror - DIY natural household cleaners.

Homemade Mildew Remover

If you’ve noticed discoloration or musty odors in your bathroom, you may be dealing with mildew growth on your bathroom tiles and grout. Instead of reaching for products with harsh additives, consider making your own mildew remover using natural ingredients.

A combination of white vinegar and baking soda is an effective solution for tackling mildew and preventing it from returning. Not only is this DIY cleaner gentle on your surfaces and the environment, but it also packs a punch when it comes to removing stubborn stains and odors.

A jar of vinegar and a jar of baking soda - DIY natural household cleaners.

Try giving your bathroom a deep clean with this homemade mildew remover for bright, fresh surfaces that shine like new.

Laundry Room Cleaners

From laundry soap to fabric softeners, there’s a DIY solution for every laundry cleaning need.

DIY Laundry Detergent

DIY laundry detergent is a cost-effective and easy way to get your clothes clean without breaking the bank. With ingredients like borax, washing soda, and grated soap, you can create a powerful detergent that is gentle on your clothes and the planet. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also reduce your use of plastic and harmful chemicals.

A container of washing soda, a bowl of baking soda and some soap being grated with a grater - DIY natural household cleaners.

Recipes for Homemade Laundry Detergents: Homemade Laundry Detergent: Easily Make it and Save!

Natural Stain Removers for Common Laundry Stains

You can easily make your own natural stain removers using ingredients you already have at home.

From using baking soda and vinegar for tough sweat stains to rubbing salt and lemon juice on grass stains, the possibilities for natural spot treaters are endless.

Here’s one version of a Homemade laundry spot remover:


  • 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide

  • 1/2 cup liquid dish soap (recipe above)

  • 1/2 cup baking soda


  1. In a bowl, combine the hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking soda.

  2. Stir the mixture well until all the ingredients are thoroughly blended.

  3. Transfer the mixture into a clean, empty container with a tight-fitting lid.

  4. Label the container for future reference.

To use the homemade spot remover:

Before applying the spot remover, moisten the stained area with water. Apply a small amount of the stain remover directly onto the stain. Gently rub or brush the stain remover into the fabric using your fingers or a soft brush.

A person is about to pour some spot cleaner on a stain on a shirt - DIY natural household cleaners.

Let the spot remover sit on the fabric for about 10-15 minutes to penetrate the stain. Launder the garment, being sure to follow the fabric care instructions.

Homemade Fabric Softener

When it comes to doing laundry, fabric softeners can be a game changer. But if you’re looking for a more natural and cost-effective option, making your own fabric softener using vinegar and essential oils might just be the answer.

Vinegar, known for its natural cleaning properties, helps to soften fabrics and eliminate any lingering odors. By adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils, you can also infuse your clothes with a fresh scent.

Plus, making your own fabric softener means you can customize the scent to your preference and avoid any potentially harmful ingredients found in store-bought options. Give it a try and see how easy it is to achieve soft, fresh-smelling laundry.

Here’s one version of a quick fabric softener:

Mix 2 cups of Epsom salt and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Use 1-2 Tablespoons during your washer’s rinse cycle. Store the rest in an airtight container for later use.

a big bowl of Epsom salt - DIY natural household cleaners.

General Cleaning Tips

Cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to do it all on your own. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can become a DIY pro in no time. The first step is to invest in quality cleaning supplies, such a microfiber cloth and a good vacuum or broom.

Someone is wiping a railing with a microfiber cloth - DIY natural household cleaners.

Declutter Before Cleaning

Before you start cleaning, declutter the area you’re working on. Remove any unnecessary items or clutter to make the cleaning process easier and more effective.

A woman sitting on a bed is looking at a shirt and there is a box that says, "donations" on it - DIY natural household cleaners.

For help on decluttering your home quickly, read my blog, “Clear the Chaos: How to Declutter Your Home Fast

How to Properly Store and Label Homemade Cleaners

It’s important to properly store and label your homemade cleaners to avoid any potential hazards or confusion. When storing homemade cleaners, it is best to choose a location that is cool, dark, and dry to prolong their shelf life.

Consider using glass or metal containers rather than plastic to avoid any potential chemical reactions. Additionally, labeling your homemade cleaners with clear and concise instructions can prevent accidental misuse or confusion.

Conclusion to DIY Natural Household Cleaners

We have now come to the end of our journey exploring different DIY natural homemade cleaning solutions.

With some very simple and effective ingredients already likely in your pantry and cabinets, you can make your own non-toxic cleaners that will leave every surface deep down clean while leaving behind no synthetic fragrances or other byproducts. Try out some of the tips and DIY cleaning recipes in my blog today and enjoy seeing your home shine!

A bottle of vinegar, oranges, and a jar of baking soda - DIY natural household cleaners

Recap of the Benefits of DIY Natural Household Cleaners

Making DIY cleaners is a great way to save some money and make the transition towards using more natural products where possible.

Many Do-It-Yourself cleaning recipes are simple, cost-effective, and can be tailored to different needs. And while there are many safe DIY alternatives, it’s important to remember that safety must always come first.

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An orange, black bottle and two other glass containers one with a clear liquid, one with a powder - DIY Natural Household Cleaners

Use common sense when mixing up ingredients, store your homemade products in clearly labeled bottles with child-proof lids, and always make sure to do a small spot test before using a new product for the first time.

When I was a much younger SAHM, I mixed ammonia and bleach resulting in a poisonous gas that you could see. I’ve learned from that: ALWAYS do good research before mixing substances!

Thus, if you decide to pursue natural household cleaning you’ll be helping to protect yourself and the environment from potentially harmful chemicals. So start experimenting today and discover your favorite recipes!

A wire basket with an assortment of cleaning items - DIY natural household cleaners.

Encouragement to Give DIY Natural Cleaning Products a Try

In conclusion, we have seen the advantages of opting for DIY natural household cleaners. These natural ingredients can save money, reduce reliance on harmful toxins, and minimize environmental damage.

Stepping into the realm of DIY Natural Household Cleaners can be a game changer in maintaining a healthy and safe environment within your home. By choosing this path, you’re not only embracing a cost-friendly solution but also a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.

It’s undoubtedly a rewarding and empowering journey where you can harness the power of nature to create a clean and toxin-free home. So, take that step today and begin your journey with DIY Natural Household Cleaners!


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      1. So many great tips for cleaning the house fully naturally. I have heard about the use of vinegar but didn’t know it is possible to prepare a dishwasher cleaner. Thanks for sharing this useful post!

        1. I was surprised to find a dishwasher cleaner recipe myself. It works well – not as good on dishes that have been sitting with stuff on them, but Cascade isn’t that good with that either.

      2. I love these DIY natural household cleaners. I really enjoy healthy, chemical-free options to make my home clean and fresh. Great tips!

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        1. Awesome, Eve! I’m thrilled to be able to help you find natural cleaning solutions to clean your kitchen!

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      10. I’m always excited to try new natural cleaning recipes and share them with friends and family. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm – it’s always great to connect with fellow DIY cleaning enthusiasts!

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