PostPolish: Amazing New Tool to Boost Blog Traffic

PostPolish: Amazing New Tool to Boost Blog Traffic
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I’m a stay-at-home mom blogger, and if you’re a blogger like me, you’ve likely felt the sting of dwindling traffic, making it feel like an uphill battle to grow your audience and reach your blogging goals. The series of Google updates have sent shockwaves through the blogging community, leaving many of us in the same boat—struggling to maintain site visits, let alone grow our audience. Navigating the challenges of dwindling traffic and Google updates, I discovered PostPolish—a revolutionary tool transforming my blogging journey.

The reality is apparent: Google’s algorithmic shifts now favor large corporate discussion websites like Reddit or Quora. In addition, they rolled out AI to answer queries directly, bypassing organic blogs. Against this backdrop, how can an independent blogger hope to thrive?

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Pivoting to New Solutions: Enter Flipboard and the PostPolish Tool

In today’s digital landscape, adaptability is crucial. As Albert Einstein famously said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

It’s time for bloggers to pivot and explore innovative solutions that can break through the traffic drought. One such solution is Flipboard, a free social media magazine app that helps users discover and read articles and stories. For bloggers, it’s a goldmine for reaching new audiences.

However, there’s a catch: Flipboard favors “new” posts. The newly introduced PostPolish tool offers a revolutionary approach to content freshness and visibility.

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My Journey: From Frustration to Discovery

Over the past year, my blog’s traffic has been a rollercoaster ride. Despite relentless effort—I’ve only taken Christmas Day off in a year!

I’ve battled with Google randomly unindexing my posts. One moment, a post would thrive; the next, it would plummet to zero traffic, mysteriously unindexed by Google. It has been incredibly disheartening.

Instead of remaining frustrated and disappointed, I decided to try something different. A month ago, I set up a Flipboard account. I was getting some traffic from Flipboard to my blog, but nothing to set the world on fire.

I decided to purchase PostPolish. Shortly after I integrated the tool, the results were absolutely astonishing!

Within a few days, I noticed a significant surge in traffic, surpassing what I had achieved with both Google and Pinterest despite a year-long effort on those platforms.

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How PostPolish Works: A Simple, Effective Solution

The developers designed PostPolish with ease and efficiency in mind. Here’s a breakdown of the key features that make this blogging tool a game-changer:

  1. Four pricing levels are available: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Choose a level based on your number of blog posts, RSS feeds, and websites. I purchased the Bronze level because my blog site is relatively new, and I’m frugal (of course!). The bronze level allows me 60 links per month. Each tier accommodates a different number of links, from Bronze at 60 links per month to Platinum at 600.
  2. Ease of Installation: Setting up the tool is straightforward and user-friendly. There are detailed instructions provided.
  3. Content Duplication for Flipboard: PostPolish allows you to duplicate your post specifically for Flipboard. You can change/customize your post’s title, description, and featured image.
  4. Post Date Update: The tool generates a unique link for Flipboard that updates your post date to the present time, making it appear “new” on the platform. Crucially, this does not duplicate your post in Google, ensuring no SEO penalties.
  5. Effortless “Polishing”: With PostPolish, you can quickly refresh your content to keep it relevant and engaging for Flipboard’s audience.
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Why Flipboard and PostPolish Are Game-Changers for Bloggers

Flipboard and PostPolish are powerful for bloggers, providing a way to reach a larger audience and an efficient blogging tool to optimize your content for that audience. Here are some reasons why this duo is a game-changer for bloggers:

Massive Audience

With over 145 million monthly active users on Flipboard, you have the potential to reach a vast and diverse audience. This platform allows you to tap into a new reader base, increasing your blog’s visibility and potentially driving more traffic to your site.

Although Flipboard is less vast than the other social platforms, it’s impactful. Users flock to it to stay updated on their interests, driving significant engagement.

Reach New Audiences

Flipboard provides an alternative, untapped avenue for traffic. Regularly flipping your “polished” posts can enable you to reach readers who might never stumble upon your blog through traditional search engines.

Bypass Google’s Unpredictability

By diversifying your traffic sources, you’re less reliant on Google’s ever-changing algorithms. This stability can be critical for sustaining and growing your blog’s readership.

a woman on a phone and laptop with a child on her lap and a child next to her - PostPolish: Plug-in to increase blog traffic

Tips for Using Flipboard with PostPolish

Here are some tips for making the most out of this dynamic duo:

  • Create a Flipboard magazine specifically for your blog posts. Your magazine makes it easy for readers to find all your content in one place.
  • Create some other Flipboard magazines for your blog “categories.”
  • Use relevant, eye-catching images in your posts to attract more attention on Flipboard.
  • Craft engaging titles and descriptions to captivate and draw in fresh readers.
  • Utilize a Flipboard Facebook blogging social sharing group(s) to promote your links.
  • Don’t expect immediate results. Although some bloggers, including myself, have experienced rapid results, Flipboard, like Pinterest, is a long-term blogging platform. Allow it time to work its magic, and be patient with your results.
  • Be consistent in flipping your posts to keep your magazine(s) updated and engaging. Consider setting up a schedule or reminder for yourself.
  • Engage with other Flipboard users by following fellow bloggers and sharing their content. Following other bloggers and sharing their content builds relationships and can lead to more shares of your posts.
  • Look for group magazines to share your content, but be mindful of group rules and refrain from spamming by posting too many times to group magazines. I flip two posts at the most.

Final Thoughts: Embrace Change and Thrive

For bloggers facing traffic challenges, the future may seem uncertain, especially with Google’s recent changes favoring large-scale discussion sites and AI-driven answers. But as I’ve learned, remaining open to new strategies and technologies is essential.

The combination of Flipboard and the PostPolish blogging tool offers a promising solution, enabling bloggers to regain control over their traffic and visibility. In just a short span, I’ve seen remarkable improvements in my blog’s performance, and I’m excited to share this newfound success with fellow bloggers.

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If you find generating traffic to your website challenging, consider setting up a Flipboard account and integrating the PostPolish tool. It’s an easy, effective way to breathe new life into your posts and reach a broader audience.

Don’t let the challenges of Google’s updates hold you back or discourage you. Embrace change, leverage innovative blogging tools like PostPolish, and watch your blog thrive in ways you never thought possible – “flipping” your way to higher traffic!

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      1. Very interesting post. I will be looking into PostPolish and Flipboard immediately. Thanks for sharing.

              1. Catherine, thank you for sharing your experience with PostPolish! Good to know integrating this tool with Flipboard can effectively boost blog traffic. I signed up for it but haven’t taken steps to use it. I’m genuinely interested to hear more about this.

              2. Right now there is a Lifetime discount of 25%. The tool lets you “polish” your posts, refreshing them for the Flipboard platform. The Flipboard platform’s algorithms favors newer posts. The Postpolish tool gives you a link with the upgraded title, description and image you choose with a current date, regardless of when the post was originally published.

      2. I HAVE to get this! Flipboard has been a major struggle for me, and I love the fact that this doesn’t trigger Google’s wrath.

      3. Now that’s what I call working smarter not harder! I have a few blogger friends who have been struggling with getting their Flipboard to move. I’m definitely going to share this with them.

      4. I’ve never heard of PostPolish before! This is definitely a tool that I need to get for my blog ASAP.

      5. What a great post! I too have found my traffic flip flopping from Google latest updates. Now you have piqued my interest about post polish, I might give this tool a try.

      6. Never heard of Flipboard before. I have to check out that new tool you are talking about. I am using some now but I have been thinking of upgrading. Thanks for the suggestion.

      7. This looks like some useful tools to help with keeping traffic going to your blog. I’ll look into them.

      8. It’s awesome to find ways to bring in new traffic. I have had the Google ups and downs too (as well as social media ups and downs, where the downs can be so disheartening).

      9. I have never heard of postpolish before and I will surely use this after learning things about this tool. Thank you

      10. This is the first time I heard of Post Polish tool. I do use Flipboard but I am really just starting out. Thanks for this very informatiive post.

      11. This sounds like an amazing tool I should look into! With Google’s recent algo changes, my traffic has taken a serious hit! Thank you for sharing these updates

      12. Your review of the PostPolish plugin to boost blog traffic is super helpful! I love how you’ve detailed its features and benefits—definitely considering giving it a try. Big thanks to your sponsors for supporting such informative content!

      13. I have heard of flipboard but never used it. Do you have an examplen of one of your posts on it?

        What kind of traffic increase have you had with Postpolish?

      14. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Will definitely follow the advice you’ve provided!

      15. Thanks Katherine. That’s super interesting and thanks for the tips on Flipboard. I literally just got started with it this week! My traffic is crazy low – so I’m hoping for a miracle! I will check out PostPolish 😊

      16. I never heard of Post Polish, but I have just started using flipboard. I definitely need to check out Post Polish! Thank you so much for this helpful information!

      17. Never heard of this before. Very interesting. Looking into it right away. You learn something new every day. 🙂

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