Things to Sell to Make Money: 51 Best Ideas to Try Now

Things to Sell to Make Money: 51 Best Ideas to Try Now
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Key Takeaways from This Post

  • Value in Every Item: Remember that every item can have value to someone, indicating the potential to make money from things you may consider unnecessary.
  • Evaluate Selling Options: Carefully assess different methods to sell unwanted items or digital products to identify those that align with your personal goals and preferences.
  • Leverage Online Platforms: Maximize the use of social media and online marketplaces to enhance visibility and reach a broader audience.

Introduction to Things to Sell to Make Money

Do you need to make some extra cash, but don’t know where to start? Have you tried selling your old clothes and books, but found that it wasn’t enough? Don’t worry, there are plenty of things to sell to make money

In this article, I’ll explore some of the best things that a stay-at-home mom probably already has at home that can be sold to make extra money. 

Overview of the Blog Topic, Things to Sell to Make Money

There are many ways to make money, and one of the most popular methods is by selling things.

Whether it’s online or in person, there is always a market for products that people want or need. This blog will provide you with lots of ideas on things to sell to make money.

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Finding Items to Sell for Extra Income

Having extra income can greatly improve your financial situation. It can help with paying off debts, saving for the future, or even just providing some extra spending money.

Finding things to sell to make money is a great way to increase your earnings and improve your overall financial stability.

Household Items to Sell

One of the best places to start looking for items to sell is in your own home. You may be surprised at how many things you have lying around that could be sold.

1) Electronics (Phones, Laptops, Tablets) 

In today’s digital age, there is always a demand for the latest technology. If you have old phones, laptops, or tablets that you no longer use, consider selling them.

You may be surprised at how much money you can get for reselling electronics, especially if they are in good condition.

My son gets lots of electronics from thrift shops that he repairs and then resells online.

a bunch of random old electronics - things to sell to make money

2) Video Games, CDs, DVDs 

Do you have a collection of video games, CDs, or DVDs that are just collecting dust? These can be great things to sell to make money.

You can try selling your CDs, DVDs, and games online on platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, or even at a local pawn shop.

3) Furniture and Home Décor 

If you’re redecorating or simply want to get rid of some old furniture, consider selling it. You can also sell home décor items like wall art, lamps, or even throw pillows that no longer fit your style.

Additionally, you can buy furniture at thrift shops and refurbish it for a profit by selling it locally on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

How to Make Money Flipping Furniture

4) Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets 

Unused or rarely used kitchen appliances and gadgets can also be great items to sell for extra income. These items can include blenders, juicers, coffee makers, and more.

You may even have duplicate kitchen tools that you can part with and make some money from.

5) Extra Dishes and Pots and Pans

Consider selling any extra dishes, pots, and pans that you no longer use or need.

I had boxes of extra dishes that I hadn’t used in years. By selling them I not only made some extra money, but also freed up valuable storage space.

6) Canning Equipment and Supplies

If you have canning equipment that is just taking up space in your pantry, consider selling it. If you no longer use the equipment, it’s worth considering turning it into fast cash.

7) Linens 

Linens such as lightly used bedding, bath towels and washcloths, curtains, and tablecloths can also be sold for some extra cash.

Other items you can sell are are placemats, napkins, and kitchen towels. These items may not seem like much, but they can add up and bring in some extra income. 

8) Rugs  

If you have any old rugs that are still in good condition, think about selling them. Rugs are good things to sell to make money.

Rugs can be expensive and many people are always looking for affordable options to decorate their homes. You may also find that some vintage or unique rugs can fetch a high price from collectors.

a bunch of rolled up rugs - things to sell to make money

9) Sports Equipment 

If you or your family members have outgrown their sports equipment, consider selling it.

Whether it’s old golf clubs, tennis rackets, or even bikes, these items can be in high demand and bring in money.

Used sports equipment can also be donated to local schools or organizations.

10) Fitness Equipment 

Similar to sports equipment, fitness equipment can also be sold for a profit.

If you have a treadmill, weight set, or exercise bike that is just taking up space in your home, sell it instead of letting it gather dust.

11) Outdoor Gear 

Items such as camping equipment, hiking gear, and sports gear can also be sold.

Many people are always on the lookout for affordable outdoor gear, so if you have any that you’re no longer using your outdoor gear, consider selling it online or at a local consignment store.

12) Tools and DIY Supplies 

Tools can be expensive, which is why many people turn to buying used tools at a lower price.

If you have any unused or rarely used tools lying around your home, you can sell them to make some extra money. This can include power tools, hand tools, and even supplies for DIY projects.

13) Fishing and Hunting Gear 

Fishing and hunting gear can also fetch a good price, especially if they are in good condition.

If you have any old fishing rods, reels, or hunting equipment that you’re no longer using, it can be sold to someone who will put them to use.

fishing lures and reel - thing to sell to make money

14) Car Parts and Accessories 

If you have an old car that is no longer in use, selling its parts can be a profitable option. You can also sell any extra car accessories that you may have accumulated over the years, such as bike racks or roof racks.

15) Garden Tools and Supplies 

If you have a green thumb, you likely have some excess garden tools and supplies lying around.

These items can also be sold for extra income. From shovels and rakes to unused pots and soil, there may be someone out there looking for these items at a discounted price.

16) Garden and Landscaping Equipment  

Similar to garden tools, larger equipment for gardening and landscaping can also be sold for profit.

This includes lawnmowers, trimmers, and other outdoor maintenance tools. These items are often expensive when bought new, so there may be a market for used ones at a lower price.

17) Musical Instruments 

Do you have an old guitar, flute, or piano collecting dust in your home? Consider selling it to a music lover who may be looking for a more affordable option.

Musical instruments can be expensive, so buying used ones is often an attractive option for those just starting out playing an instrument.

a clarinet in a case - thing so sell to make money

18) Board Games and Puzzles 

Board games and puzzles are other items that can be great to sell, especially if they are in good condition and have all their pieces. You can also try selling them as a bundle for a larger profit.

19) Christmas and Other Holiday Decorations

Christmas and other holiday decorations can be great items to sell, especially during the holiday season.

If you have any unused or lightly used seasonal items, consider selling them for some extra cash. This can include ornaments, lights, decorations, and even artificial trees.

20) Recreational Vehicles

If you have an RV, camper, or trailer that is not being used regularly, consider selling it for some extra income. These large and expensive items can often be in high demand and can bring in a significant profit when sold.

21) Old Vehicles and Motorcycles

Old vehicles and motorcycles can also be sold for a profit, especially if they are in good condition or have unique features. You may be able to sell them through online marketplaces or even at local car shows or auctions.

If they are not in good condition,  you may still be able to sell them for parts or scrap metal.

22) Boats and Other Watercrafts

Boats and other watercraft can also be valuable items to sell, especially in coastal or lakeside areas. If you have a boat that is not being used, you could sell it for some extra income.

You may also be able to rent out your boat for a fee if you are not ready to part with it permanently.

23) Swimsuits and Other Beach Gear

During the summer months, swimsuits and other beach gear can be hot items to sell. If you have any unused or lightly used swimwear, towels, beach toys, or other accessories, they are things to sell to make money.

24) Clothing and Accessories 

Don’t forget about your closet when looking for items to sell. Clothing and accessories that are in good condition can be sold at consignment shops or online marketplaces like Poshmark or ThredUp. Some ideas are:

25) Wedding Dress 

If you have a wedding dress that is just taking up space, consider selling it. Many brides are looking for ways to save money and buying a secondhand dress can be a great option.

How to Resell Your Wedding Dress

26) Formal Wear 

Similarly, formal wear like prom dresses or tuxedos can also be sold for extra cash. These items are often only worn once and can still be in great condition, making them desirable to buyers.

27) Vintage Clothing 

Vintage clothing is another item that can be sold for a profit. If you have any unique or rare pieces in your closet, consider selling them online or at local thrift stores.

28) Baby Clothes, Equipment and Accessories 

New parents are always looking for ways to save money on baby items, so think about selling any gently used clothes, equipment, or accessories that your child has outgrown. This can include strollers, high chairs, and toys.

baby clothes, shoes and toys - things to sell to make money

29) Shoes and Boots 

Shoes and boots in good condition can also be sold for extra cash. Oftentimes, people are looking for specific styles or brands that may no longer be available in stores.

30) Jewelry 

If you have any unwanted jewelry, consider selling it for some extra income. This could include old pieces that you never wear or broken items that can be repaired and resold.

31) Handbags and Accessories 

Designer handbags and accessories can also be sold for a profit.

Consider selling your gently used items on consignment at a high-end boutique or online marketplace. Belts and ties in good condition can also be sold for extra cash.

32) Workout Clothes and Gear 

With the increasing popularity of athleisure wear, workout clothes, and gear are in high demand. If you have any gently used or new items, consider selling them.

Collectibles and Antiques 

Collectible items and antiques can also be valuable items to sell. Here are some ideas for what you can sell in this category:

33) Rare Coins, Currency and Stamp Collections

If you have any rare or valuable coins or currency, they can be worth a significant amount of money. Get them appraised and sell them to collectors or at auctions.

Stamp collections can also be valuable, especially if they contain rare or limited edition stamps. You can sell them to collectors or on online marketplaces.

old coins - thing to sell to make money

34) Vintage Toys and Games 

Vintage toys and games from your childhood could be worth a lot of money to collectors and make easy things to sell to make money.

Look through your old toys and see if any are highly sought after. I sold my collection of vintage Fisher-Price toys and made a nice chuck of money.

Don’t forget to think about selling dolls, and action figures.

35) Comic Books and Trading Cards 

Comic books and trading cards can also be valuable collectibles. If you have any in good condition, sell them online or at a specialty shop.

36) Antique Furniture and Decorative Items 

Antique furniture and decorative items can also fetch a good price.

If you have any family heirlooms or antique pieces, you can have it appraised and sell it at an auction or to a vintage furniture store.

37) Sports Memorabilia 

Sports fans are always looking for rare and valuable sports memorabilia. Look around for any signed jerseys, game-used equipment, or other collectibles.

You can sell these items at a sports memorabilia shop or online.

38) Old Books and Magazines 

Rare or first-edition books and vintage magazines can also be valuable to collectors. Do some research on the value of your items and consider selling them online or at a specialty bookstore.

Recently I sold a set of books that I wasn’t using that have gone out of print and made a cool $100!

Crafts and Handmade Goods

If you have a creative side, selling crafts and handmade goods can be a great way to make extra money. Here are some ideas for what you can sell in this category:

39) Handmade Jewelry and Accessories 

If you have a talent for creating jewelry or accessories, consider selling them online or at craft fairs. Handmade items are often sought after and can fetch a good price.

40) DIY Crafts and Artwork 

Another way to make money from your hobbies is to sell crafts or artwork such as crocheted items or paintings. Platforms like Etsy and local craft fairs are great places to showcase and sell your unique creations.

crocheted items, yarn and crochet needles - things to sell to make money

41) Homemade Baked Goods 

If you love baking, you can sell your homemade treats at a local farmer’s market or holiday bazaar. There is always a demand for delicious homemade goodies.

My daughter makes extra money by selling Christmas cookies. She makes posts on the local FB community group to get customers.

42) Homemade Food Items 

Aside from baked goods, you can also sell other homemade food items such as jams, pickles, and sauces. These unique and tasty products are perfect for people looking for something different than store-bought options.

43) Customized Gifts and Personalized Items 

With the rise of personalized gifts, there is a market for custom T-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. If you have a talent for design or crafting, consider offering these custom-made items for sale.

44) Potted Plants or Garden Starts 

If you have a green thumb, contemplate selling potted plants or garden starts at local markets. People are always looking for unique and healthy plants to add to their homes or gardens.

When I had a solarium I always grew extra vegetable plants and easily sold them at the local farmers market.

plant starts - things to sell to make money

45) Selling Digital Products  

Another way to make money is by having an online business and selling digital products.

You can sell printables, templates, workbooks, planners, or e-books. These are low-cost to produce and can be sold repeatedly online.

You can also make online sales by offering digital downloads of your artwork or photography. In addition, you can sell online courses to make money online.

An online store or marketplace, like Etsy or Creative Market, is a great platform to sell your digital products. You can also promote and sell them on social media platforms, your online store.

Unused or Unwanted Items 

Finally, you can make some extra money by selling your unwanted items that are no longer needed or wanted. Here are some ideas for what you can sell in this category:

46) Books

If you have books or textbooks that you no longer need, consider selling them online or at a used bookstore. You can also donate them to libraries or schools in need.

Don’t forget about homeschool and college textbooks, as these can be expensive and in high demand.

47) Unused Gift Cards and Vouchers 

Unused gift cards and vouchers can be sold online or at a gift card exchange kiosk for cash. This is a great way to make some extra money from items that might otherwise go unused.

I easily sold gift cards on eBay and made a couple of hundred dollars.

48) Art Supplies and Crafting Materials 

If you have extra art supplies or crafting materials that you no longer need, sell them to other artists or crafters.

Or, you can also donate them to local schools or organizations in need of these materials. This not only helps you declutter your space but also supports the artistic community.

art supplies - things to sell to make money

48) Beauty and Skincare Products 

Unused or gently used beauty and skincare products can be sold online to fellow beauty enthusiasts. Just make sure to check the expiration dates before selling them.

You can also consider donating them to women’s shelters or organizations that support marginalized communities.

When I was low on cash, I sold my miniature perfume collection and I made quite a bit of money.

49) Pet supplies and Equipment 

If you have pet supplies or equipment that your furry friend has outgrown or no longer needs, consider selling them online. Other pet owners who are looking for affordable options will appreciate it.

You can also donate these items to animal shelters in need of supplies.

50) Horse Tack and Equipment 

Horse owners know that horse tack and equipment can be quite expensive. If you have unused or gently used items, consider selling them to fellow equestrians or at a local tack swap meet.

This not only helps you declutter your space but also allows other horse owners to purchase necessary equipment at a lower cost. 

51) Building Materials

If you have leftover building materials from a DIY project, don’t let them go to waste. Sell them online or donate them to Habitat for Humanity or other organizations that provide affordable housing.

Online Selling Platforms

There are numerous online platforms that you can use to sell your items and make a little extra cash.

Overview of Popular Online Marketplaces 

There are various popular online platforms that you can use to sell your items. Some of the most popular sites include eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Etsy.

someone is putting a mailing label on a box - things to sell to make money

Pros and Cons of Each Platform

  • eBay: This is a well-established marketplace for selling both new and used items right from the comfort of your own home. It has a large customer base and offers various selling options like auctions and fixed-price listings. However, there is a listing fee and commission for each sale made.
  • Amazon: This platform is more suitable for selling new items rather than used ones. It has a large customer base and offers fulfillment options through Amazon’s warehouses. However, it also charges fees for listings and sales.
  • Facebook Marketplace: This is a free platform where you can sell items to people within your local community. It’s easy to use and has a wide reach, but it may not be suitable for selling certain types of products.
  • Craigslist: Similar to Facebook Marketplace, this is a free platform that connects buyers and sellers in the same area. However, there is a higher risk of scams and fraud on this platform.
  • Etsy: This is a popular platform for selling handmade or vintage items. It has a niche market and attracts buyers who are specifically looking for unique and one-of-a-kind products. However, there is a listing fee and commission for each sale made.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each platform before deciding which one to use for selling your items.

Tips for Successful Selling on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc.

  1. Take high-quality photos: When selling online, customers rely heavily on product photos to make purchasing decisions. Make sure your photos are clear and well-lit.
  2. Write detailed descriptions: Provide as much information about the item as possible in the description, including size, materials, condition, and any special features or details.
  3. Price competitively: Research similar products on the platform you are selling on to get an idea of market prices. Be sure to factor in any fees or commissions when determining your price. On eBay, you can check out the sold prices to help guide you.
  4. Use keywords: When creating your listings, use relevant keywords in the title and description to make it easier for potential buyers to find your product.
  5. Offer shipping options: Consider offering different shipping options such as free shipping or expedited shipping to attract more buyers.
  6. Provide excellent customer service: Respond promptly to any inquiries or concerns from potential buyers and be transparent about the condition of your items.
  7. Utilize social media: Share your listings on your personal or business social media accounts to reach a larger audience.
  8. Stay organized: Keep track of your inventory, sales, and shipping information to stay on top of your orders and provide accurate updates to buyers.

Local Selling Opportunities

In addition to online marketplaces, exploring local selling opportunities can be advantageous for those aiming to sell items locally.

Garage Sale and Yard Sales

Hosting a garage or yard sale is a great way to clear out unwanted items and make some extra cash. Here are some tips on how to have a successful yard sale:

  1. Advertise: Use social media, local classifieds, and flyers in your neighborhood to let people know about your sale.
  2. Price strategically: Price items slightly higher than what you want to get for them so that there is room for negotiation.
  3. Display items well: Make sure your items are organized and visible to potential buyers.
  4. Be prepared with change: Have plenty of small bills and coins on hand to make transactions easier.
  5. Consider bundling items: Offer deals for buying multiple items together.
  6. Donate remaining items: After the sale, consider donating any remaining items to a local charity or thrift store.
  7. Necessary permits and licenses: There may be necessary permits or licenses required to host a garage or yard sale in your area, so be sure to check with your local government.
a table at a yard sale full of stuff for sale - thing to sell to make money

Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores

Selling your items through consignment shops and thrift stores can be an effective way to make decent money while also recycling gently used goods.

Often, these stores have a loyal customer base looking for unique and interesting items, which can result in quicker sales. In addition, working with these stores can take some of the legwork out of the selling process since they handle the display and sale of your items.

It’s important to research and choose a consignment shop or thrift store that aligns well with the type and quality of items you’re selling to maximize your profits.

Local Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups

With the rise of social media, there has been an increase in local buy/sell/trade Facebook groups. These groups are a great way to quickly and easily reach a lot of people for selling your items.

Be sure to follow group rules and guidelines, and accurately describe and photograph your items to ensure a smooth transaction. Keep in mind that these groups may have more competition, so pricing your items competitively can help them sell faster.

Community Flea Markets and Craft Fairs

Participating in community flea markets and craft fairs can be a great way to sell your items in person. These events often draw large crowds looking for unique and handmade items.

In addition, they provide an opportunity to network with other vendors and potentially gain future customers or partnerships. Be sure to research and register for these events in advance, as well as have plenty of inventory and a visually appealing display to attract customers.  

Additionally, participating in these types of events can be a fun and social experience, making it a great option for those looking to make some money while also enjoying the company of others.

Keep in mind the fees and time commitments involved in these events.

Overall, community flea markets and craft fairs can be a great option for selling your items locally and building connections within your community.  

a table at a flea market full of items for sale - things to sell to make money

Conclusion of Things to Sell to Make Money

Selling items online and in person can be a great way to make some extra money, declutter your home, or turn a hobby into a profitable business.

By utilizing multiple platforms and strategies, such as online marketplaces, social media groups, and community events, you can increase your chances of successfully selling your items. 

Declutter your home and see if you have any hidden treasures that others may be interested in purchasing.  

By properly marketing and selling your items, you can turn clutter into cash in your spare time. You can potentially even start a small business or side hustle.

Recap of Key Points

In conclusion, there are various methods for selling your unwanted items, creating digital products to sell online and making things to sell for some extra money.

It’s important to carefully evaluate each option and determine which ones align with your goals and preferences.

Some key points to keep in mind include accurately valuing and pricing your items, utilizing online platforms and social media, as well as participating in local events and communities.

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Final Tips for Successful Selling

Lastly, here are a few final tips for successful selling:

  • Take high-quality photos of your items and include detailed descriptions to attract potential buyers.
  • Utilize social media and online platforms to reach a larger audience and increase visibility.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate or offer discounts to close a sale.
  • Always provide excellent customer service to build a positive reputation and potentially gain repeat customers.

Encouragement For Readers to Explore Selling Opportunities

I encourage you to explore and experiment with different selling opportunities to find the ones that work best for you. Remember, every item has value and there is always someone willing to buy it. 

There are probably many things to sell to make money, lying around your house, waiting to be discovered and turned into profit.


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    1. This is very helpful as need to clean out the basement so there’s probably some stuff I can sell instead of tossing!

      1. Yeah, I have stuff I need to sell, Laurie. I need to make time and post a bunch of stuff on Ebay.

    2. Interesting ideas on how to make extra cash. I’ve tried some of your ideas before, especially the garage sale, it has worked out pretty well for me!

    3. Your list gave me ideas on what I can sell for extra money. First, I will sell two old phones. I hope I can get good money for them. Thank you for the ideas.

    4. I sell items at the flea market all the time and it’s amazing how much money I make. Our throw-a-way is someone’s treasure. It is a nice side hustle. Great post!

    5. Great list of ideas! I’ve tried selling some items online before, and it’s amazing how much extra cash you can make from things you no longer need. Thanks for sharing! 😊

    6. I’ve already read the article and find it fascinating. It offers a wide range of items to sell for extra income, with clear explanations and helpful tips. It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to declutter and earn some cash😊

    7. I love these ideas! My partner and I are trying to buy a house and we’ve just been selling things to help make extra money. These are great tips and resources!

    8. These are such helpful tips on items to sell for some extra cash. Perfect idea to sell duplicate kitchen tools for extra money!

    9. I’m genuinely surprised by what people pick up at flea markets. It’s a classic example of one person’s trash being another’s treasure. I’ve really enjoyed selling things and have made a decent amount of money from it. Appreciate all the suggestions for items to sell. Great post!

    10. These are great ideas to make extra money. I have a few fitness items I could definitely resell.

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