Weekend Potty Training: Top Tips to Dump Diapers, Save Big!

Weekend Potty Training: Top Tips to Dump Diapers, Save Big!
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Introduction to Weekend Potty Training

It’s no secret that parenthood comes with some hefty financial responsibilities. As soon as you find out that you’re expecting a child, it starts to add up. One expense that seems like it will never go away is the costs involved with diapering. What if you could save a substantial amount of money by weekend potty training?

Diapering costs mount over time, but don’t give in quite so easily. Consider potty training on a long weekend at home instead!

You can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by successfully introducing your toddler to the 3-day potty training method, making toilet training fun for everyone involved. You will also save lots of time with less laundry and no changing bottoms.

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Explanation of the Concept of Weekend Potty Training

colorful letters which spell out, "Happy Weekend" with a smiley face - weekend potty training

Believe it or not, potty training in a weekend to save money is doable! Out of financial necessity, I was able to accomplish this feat when my last child had just turned 2 years old. I wish I knew of the idea for my other eight children. Almost all of them weren’t out of diapers until well after 3 years of age.

Here’s the concept in a nutshell: you set aside an entire 3-day period to focus on helping your little one to use the toilet. It may sound intimidating at first. The key is to create a fun and relaxed environment where your child feels comfortable and confident about this major milestone.

a little boy is playing with a toy while sitting on the potty - weekend potty training

Ditch the diapers (or nappies as some people call them), get your child excited about their new undies, and establish a routine for success. With the right approach, both you and your child can come out of this intensive training feeling like potty-training champs!

A Brief Overview of the Benefits of Weekend Potty Training

Imagine the relief and joy of being able to toilet-train your toddler in no time! Rapid bathroom training offers a myriad of benefits for a family. Also, it eases the burden on the environment.

You can save a significant amount by not having to buy or wash countless diapers every week. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bond with your child and celebrate their milestones together.

You’ll be instilling a sense of independence and achievement in your little one. Say hello to wearing underwear and goodbye to constant diaper changes. Rapid bathroom toilet training is a game-changer for your parenting journey.

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A smiling little boy is sitting on a blue potty clutching onto a stuffed animal with another stuffed animal beside him; the Title is displayed, "Weekend Potty Training?

How to Potty Train in One Rapid Session

  • First, you’ll want to clear your schedule and ensure you’re dedicated to this task. Make sure distractions are minimized.
  • Begin the process by giving your child plenty of water and or other fluids, which will provide ample practice opportunities. I provided as much juice as my daughter wanted to drink. Since we don’t drink a lot of juice in our home, this was a real treat.
a toddler is drinking from a juice box - weekend potty training
  • Next comes the “naked time,” where your kiddo is encouraged to keep an eye on their body and, well, on the potty too! Put the potty in a spot that has easy access and in a private place if you have other children.
  • I put the potty in the living room because it was in close proximity to the child’s books and toys. Remind your son or daughter to try to pee or poop often. Using a timer is the perfect way to keep the reminders consistent.
  • Use positive reinforcement for any successful attempts and provide gentle reminders to try the potty throughout the day. Make a habit of offering prompts for using the potty before bedtime and after waking up.
  • Use a pull-up for nap time and at night time. Remember, accidents are part of the process, so prepare and stay patient for cleanups. These steps will get you well on your way to a successful toilet training experience!
a little girl is sitting on a potty with a roll of toilet paper in her hands - weekend potty training

Overview of the Basic Supplies Needed for Weekend Potty Training

Diving into the world of toilet learning may seem a bit daunting at first. With the right supplies by your side, the journey can be made much easier and even more enjoyable! Having a comfortable potty chair is essential. It will encourage your little one to sit and try to go in the right spot.

Equipping your bathroom with a stool can come in handy. It helps your child feel more independent when they need to reach the toilet.

Investing in some cool and colorful training pants or underwear with their favorite characters is not only fun for your child. It’s also a way to celebrate what a big girl” or “big boy” you have. Never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement.

Stock up on some cool reward stickers, sticker charts (I have both a girl and boy free potty charts below), and small treats to motivate them. Give them lots of praise for their efforts as they learn the ropes.

Reward them even for doing a little potty because that will add to their excitement and motivation. Overall, with a combination of the right tools and a supportive atmosphere, diaper-free training can be a breeze!

a child is picking out a reward sticker - weekend potty training

Get some good potty books for your child. They will help your child understand the concept of potty training better. Here are a few good ones:

Potty (Leslie Patricelli board books)
  • Age Range: 1 – 3 years Series: Leslie Patricelli board books
  • Board book: 28 pages Publisher: Candlewick; Brdbk edition (September 14, 2010)
  • Language: English ISBN-10: 0763644765
  • ISBN-13: 978-0763644765 Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 0.6 x 7.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 10.6 ounces

Explanation of the Steps Involved

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that children around 24 months usually have mastery of the necessary developmental skills to start toilet training.

Potty training is a big milestone for toddlers, and it can be accomplished quickly with a few key steps:

  1. First, gather all the necessary potty training supplies, including a portable potty, training pants or pull-ups, and plenty of toilet paper.
  2. Next, kiddos should be encouraged to use the potty frequently throughout the day, especially after meals and naps.
  3. Start potty training on the first day by setting a timer every 20 minutes to encourage your child to sit on the potty. Increase the timer amount each day.
a pink digital timer - weekend potty training

Positive reinforcement, such as praise and small rewards, can also help motivate the child. For example, I gave a sticker for each attempt made and a single m&m or Smartie, for each success on the potty.

I presented a bigger reward of a small new toy for the first successful bowel movements. When this happens, it’s a big leap for them and it’s cause for party time!

There were little songs that I made up and we would dance and sing with pee and poop success. This is a big deal and it makes a child know we are so happy with a job well done! Your kiddo will also feel so excited to be able to finally get to wear underwear!

a mother and her toddle son are smiling and dancing - weekend potty training

Mom and Dad should be patient and consistent with their approach, avoiding punishment or negative reinforcement. By the end of the speedy training duration, most kids should have made significant progress with their three-day weekend potty training journey.

With continued reinforcement and practice needed in the days and weeks ahead, your child will soon be trained.

Tips for Success, Such as Establishing a Routine and Offering Rewards

To begin your three-day potty training boot camp can seem like a daunting task, but with the right mindset and some helpful tips, you can successfully conquer this milestone in your little one’s life. First and foremost, make sure both you and your child are relaxed and ready to tackle this challenge as a team.

Turn it into a fun experience by involving them in choosing their own “big kid” underwear and setting up a reward system for when they use the potty.

Establish a routine that includes frequent breaks and consistent times to visit the potty, and be prepared to offer plenty of encouragement and positive reinforcement throughout the process. The key to potty-training success is consistency.

a graphic showing a happy mom and a little boy smiling at obvious success in the potty - weekend potty training

Remember that a few accidents will happen. Stay positive and be patient, reminding your child it’s all part of the learning process. With these simple tips in mind, you can pave the way to quick potty training success!

Advice for Dealing with Setbacks or Accidents

We all face setbacks or accidents from time to time, and it’s essential to learn how to cope and move forward in these situations. The first thing to remember is that life is dynamic, and ups and downs are just part of the ride. When dealing with setbacks or accidents, make sure to take a step back and assess the situation without letting panic or self-blame take over.

Remember that mistakes happen to everyone and, often, they hold valuable lessons that can help us grow. So, take a deep breath, find a positive perspective, and allow yourself to learn and adapt from the experience.

Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and offer support can make a world of difference as well. You can always consult some advice from potty training or medical experts on the Internet if you get stuck. And always remember that perseverance and resilience are the real keys to overcoming life’s many obstacles.

The Reward of Weekend Potty Training Success

a smiling little boy sitting on a potty - weekend potty training

Learning to use the toilet is a big step for your little one – and it can be rewarding for you too! By toilet training in an accelerated timeframe, you can save a lot of money and make potty trips easier for everyone.

That’s why toilet training your child is worth the effort. It’s an investment in time and money that pays off in spades! So don’t wait! Potty train your little one now and start saving!

money is being put into a piggy bank which is the money saved by weekend potty training - weekend potty training

The potty training process doesn’t have to be a stressful one – with the right tips and tricks, potty training can be a fun experience for everyone. So don’t hesitate to potty train your child today – you could end up saving yourself thousands of dollars in the long run!

The Cost of Diapers

Many parents quickly become aware of the extreme cost of diapering their child. Even though potty training can seem daunting at first, it’s worth taking the time to teach your little one how to use the potty.

stacks of disposable diapers - weekend potty training

Not only for their independence and knowledge but also for a huge saving in your wallet! Diapering is expensive and adds up quickly. It’s worth considering potty training now to save in the long run!

When potty training, it’s always a good idea to stock up on basic potty-training supplies like potty chairs, toilet seat covers, and pull-ups. Pull-ups are easy and allow your toddler to pull them up and down all by themselves.

It’s important to remember that weekend potty training will take patience and dedication from both you and your child – but it can pay off in many ways! Not only will potty training give your child a sense of pride and accomplishment, but it could also save you from expensive diaper bills!

So, before you fill up that shopping cart with diapering supplies, consider rapid potty training as a way to save some money. With the right approach and plenty of patience, quick potty training can be an adventure for both of you!

Discussion of the Cost of Diapers Over Time

a stack of diapers with money - weekend potty training

Conquering potty training can eliminate the amount of money you spend on diapers. While potty training involves some time and effort upfront, it could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time. Stay mindful of your budget. Rapid potty training will conserve your money and may be a good option to consider!

In the meantime, it’s helpful to get an idea of the cost of diapers over time. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60-85 per month for disposables according to Cost Helper, depending on the size and brand you choose. Cloth diapering may be slightly more expensive in initial costs, but they can be reused, meaning you’ll save money in the long run.

No matter what type of diapers you use, know that potty-training is a process, and sometimes it takes longer than others. Be patient with your little one and don’t forget to budget for any additional supplies or activities that could help potty-training go more smoothly!

Calculation: How Much Can be Saved by Weekend Potty Training?

Weekend potty training your little one can save you a boatload of money. Diapers and other supplies are expensive, with some estimates costing up to $1,500 per year! That’s why rapid bathroom training is such an attractive option.

When potty trained, your child will no longer need those expensive diapers, and you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run. If potty trained early enough, it could mean that your family saves thousands of dollars over a few years!

So don’t hesitate to potty train if you think your child is ready – it could be a great way to save some cash.

Comparison of the Cost of Supplies to the Cost of Diapers

Isn’t it crazy how quickly the cost of baby supplies can add up, especially when you think about diapers? I mean, we all know that babies need a ton of supplies, like clothing, toys, and bedding, but I don’t think anyone is quite prepared for just how expensive the diapers can be.

They might seem cheap individually, but when you’ve got to buy them in bulk and keep replacing them multiple times a day, those costs skyrocket before your eyes.

an overstuffed diaper bag with a stack of diapers - weekend potty training

Even worse, as your baby grows, you have to keep up with the demand for bigger and bigger sizes, only adding to the bill. All those other baby-related expenses seem mild in comparison to the never-ending cost of diapers. It’s enough to make any new parent’s wallet weep. In comparison, the cost of potty training supplies is typically only around $50.

The Cost of Childcare

The cost of childcare can add up, especially when you consider one of the most essential, yet often overlooked, aspects: diapering.

Babies go through a staggering number of diapers in their first few years. Let’s be honest, those little bundles of absorbent delight don’t come cheap! It can feel like you’re single-handedly keeping the diaper business alive with the sheer volume you’re purchasing.

But hey, on the bright side, there are few things as satisfying as the feeling of a clean, dry diaper on your little one’s bottom after a particularly messy encounter. So even though the expenses can weigh heavy on our pockets, we know it’s a worthwhile investment. 

Explanation of How Weekend Potty Training Can Reduce the Need for Childcare

Potty training is a huge milestone in a child’s life and, believe it or not, it can reduce the need for childcare. When kids become diaper-free, they gain independence and control. This allows them to explore and interact with the world around them without the constant supervision of an adult.

a small child is blowing bubbles - weekend potty training

This newfound freedom can lead to increased confidence and self-reliance, boosting their social skills. Meanwhile, parents and caregivers can enjoy a well-deserved break, as the hassle of constant diapering will be a thing of the past.

In addition, some childcare centers and preschools may even require your little one to be potty-trained as a condition of enrollment. Mastering the skill can open doors to more affordable and accessible childcare options for working parents.

So, next time you’re dreading the potty training process, just remember – it’s a game-changer.

Calculation of the Potential Savings in Childcare Costs

Isn’t it amazing how those little milestones in our children’s lives can make a big difference in our wallets? When your child graduates from diapers and starts using the toilet, you’ll notice a significant decrease in your childcare expenses.

No more spending your hard-earned money on packs and packs of diapers and wipes. Not to mention, waving goodbye to the expense of rash creams as well.

Some childcare facilities even offer a discount when your child is potty trained since they require fewer resources and time from the staff. All in all, your bank account will surely thank you, and you can start allocating those funds to new adventures and experiences with your little one, like that family trip you’ve been planning.

Additional Savings of Weekend Potty Training

When you think about weekend potty training, the first thing that might come to mind is the exciting milestone your child is achieving. However, there’s an often-overlooked advantage that comes with potty training: saving money!

Discussion of Other Ways Weekend Potty Training Can Save you Money

Just imagine how much you spend on diapers every month. Once your child is potty trained, that expense disappears. But that’s not all! You can also save on the cost of disposable wipes, rash creams, and even laundry bills from those inevitable leakage accidents.

With fewer diapers ending up in the landfill, you’ll be making a positive impact on the environment, too. So, as you high-five your child for mastering their potty training, remember to give yourself a pat on the back for the financial savings. Maybe treat yourself (and your child) to something special with the extra cash in your pocket.

Examples of Potential Savings

Oh, the wonders of successful potty training and its hidden blessing – laundry cost savings! Picture this: no more endless piles of soiled diapers and countless outfit changes per day. Trust me, this new reality not only saves you time and energy. It leaves a fantastic impact on your wallet.

a big mound of laundry is sitting in front of a washer and drier - weekend potty training

Wave goodbye to expensive, one-time-use disposables. Rejoice in the elimination of the continuous washing of cloth diapers as your tiny human masters the art of using the toilet. This might just be the motivation you need to persist through potty training days.

Soon enough you’ll be cutting back on laundry and splurging on something a bit more exciting than diapers. So gear up, buckle down, and remember – every little success is one step closer to a lifetime of laundry cost savings!

Say Goodbye to Sore Hineys!

When it comes to potty training, there’s more to celebrate than just waving goodbye to diapers and wipes. One of the lesser-known, but equally important perks of getting your little one accustomed to the potty chair is the reduced risk of diaper rash.

Diaper rash can be a painful, annoying issue for both toddlers and their caregivers. Thanks to potty training early, it can become a thing of the past! As your child learns to understand and respond to their body signals, they’ll make less of a mess. They will ultimately benefit from healthier, happier skin.

a tube of diaper cream is being squirted on a hand - weekend potty training

The next time you’re ready to assist in another potty training session, remember the silver lining: not only are you taking a vital step towards your child’s independence you’re also helping them avoid those pesky diaper rashes that nobody enjoys. Their bottoms will smile with joy because of the life of comfort ahead!

Conclusion to Weekend Potty Training

Ultimately, the three-day potty training method can be a great money-saving option for parents who may be overwhelmed by the process. It’s essential to prepare for potty training and remember that the process may take some time.

Moms and Dads should stay mindful of when their child is ready to begin, as well as their signs of readiness and comfort zones.

Additionally, it’s important to keep your child’s readiness signs in mind, and gather necessary supplies before getting started. Have your potty chair, step stool, rewards, and toilet paper all set to go.

There are also plenty of helpful resources available online and through local expertise. Consider these points and take into account that potty training your child quickly could help you save thousands of dollars. Think of all the possible ways you can reinvest this savings! 

Recap of the Benefits of Weekend Potty Training

There are many benefits to quickly potty training a child. First and foremost, it can be a faster and more efficient method of potty training. It allows for focused and consistent training over a short period of time. Speaking of time, you’ll be saving lots of it!

a little child is sitting on a potty holding a toy bear by the ear

Another benefit is the reduction of stress and frustration for both the child and the parents. Additionally, it can be a cost-effective approach, as it requires fewer diapers and training supplies in the long run.

Lightning-fast potty training also promotes fast independence and confidence in children. They learn to take control of their bodily functions.

Finally, potty training can improve overall hygiene and reduce the risk of diaper-related infections. While it may require some effort and patience, potty training weekend can have significant benefits for the family.

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A smiling little boy is sitting on a blue potty clutching onto a stuffed animal with another stuffed animal beside him; the Title is displayed, "Weekend Potty Training Dump Diapers SAVE BIG!

Emphasis on the Financial Benefits for Families With Weekend Potty Training

The benefits of the 3-day method of potty training are immense and well worth the effort. Not only do families save time, but they also save money. Potty training in a weekend can result in long-term savings in diapers, wipes, and other materials associated with using disposable diapers.

Families don’t need to worry as much about additional expenses related to potty training tools such as diapers when they potty train early. It’s also a great way for families to bond, as parents help their children learn how to use the bathroom without frustration or fear.

a mother is playing on a phone with her little boy while he sits on a potty - weekend potty training

Children who are trained properly develop better skills for taking care of themselves and maintain better hygiene than those children who may rely on the disposable diaper for longer periods. Take full advantage of all the financial, time, and emotional benefits that weekend potty training has to offer! Good luck!


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      1. Great article; the financial freedom for diapers is so great. We are in the midst of potty training and although we haven’t fully gotten there (mainly issues with #2!) we are using far fewer diapers and I know we will get there soon!

        1. Yes, you’ll have so much more money once you get past having to purchase loads of diapers, Katie!

      2. It is a very detailed article! My youngest son is almost 2,5 years but still doesn’t like potty. I`ll try to give him diapers free weekend next week. Me and my husband are ready to stop buying diapers!

      3. We weren’t consistent enough potty training our first boy and paid for it with urine on the family room walls. We tried the weekend approach with the 2nd boy with much better results

      4. These are some great tips. I am passing it on to my daughter who is in the process of training my grandson.

      5. I wish I’d had these tips when we were potty training our kids. Every one of them was so difficult. I’m sure it was something we did wrong. LOL.

        1. I had lots of problems with my older children. I didn’t learn better until my last – number 9! I wish I knew about weekend training for the others – life would have been easier and less messier.

      6. EVERY parent should read this! Potty training can be a nightmare if you don’t approach it the right way.

      7. My son is older now but would love to have this when I was potty training him. There’s so much you don’t know as a first time mom and anything to make things go smoothly like potty training is a plus in my book!

        Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

      8. This is a great article about a subject that is not discussed very often. I never had kids, but if I did, this would be very valuable.

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