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The Decluttering Journey Workbook

Green cover with picture of a plant and chair with pillows and a box with the title of 'The Decluttering Journey: An Interactive Workbook for Simplifying Your Space by Catherine Kay,'

The Decluttering Journey is an interactive workbook for simplifying your space.

This comprehensive 27-page workbook includes 19 printable pages and a collection of thoughtfully designed worksheets to guide you through the decluttering process.

Embrace minimalism, set clear goals, and discover decluttering techniques as you transform your living spaces into an organized haven.

Join the journey to a clutter-free and more mindful lifestyle today!

Joyful Beginnings 
Baby Shower Games

Introducing "Joyful Beginnings Baby Shower Games" - a delightful collection of 6 fun and interactive games to liven up your baby shower!

From classic favorites to creative twists, these games are designed to bring laughter and joy to your celebration. Get ready for memorable moments and lots of fun with this fantastic game pack.

Matches the theme of my "Ultimate Baby Shower Planner" and comes with an answer sheet.

Only $4.99!

The Joyful Beginnings Ultimate Baby Shower Planner

picture of pages of Frugal Nook's Joyful Beginnings Ultimate Baby Shower Planner

Introducing my "Joyful Beginnings Ultimate Baby Shower Planner," a comprehensive and delightful tool designed to transform the journey of planning a baby shower into a seamless and joyous experience.

This planner is your trusted companion, offering 49 carefully crafted pages to give you the organizational tools to ensure that every detail of your baby shower is perfectly planned.

From personalized checklists to thematic inspiration, it provides a roadmap for crafting a celebration that captures the essence of joyful beginnings.

With pages dedicated to guest lists, budget management, and vendor coordination, the Joyful Beginnings Ultimate Baby Shower Planner ensures that you can focus on creating magical moments without the stress of the organizational details. 

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