45 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Teachers They’ll Adore!

45 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Teachers They’ll Adore!
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Introduction to Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Teachers

As winter break approaches, it’s time to consider inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers. I’ve curated a collection of 45 affordable Christmas gifts guaranteed to express your appreciation for any teacher.

Your kid’s teacher plays a vital role in your child’s life, and they deserve our appreciation for all their hard work. Explore budget-friendly and meaningful teacher appreciation gift ideas in this blog post.

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Importance of Giving Gifts to Teachers for Christmas

We all want to show our appreciation and thank those who support, motivate, inspire, spend countless hours with, and teach our children daily. But when money is tight, finding the perfect gift at an affordable cost can seem like a daunting task.

Don’t panic! Here I share thrifty yet thoughtful teacher appreciation gifts for Christmas, proving you don’t need to break the piggy bank to show your gratitude this festive season. You’ll be able to pick out the perfect Christmas gift for your child’s teacher to show your appreciation.

Thoughtful Handmade Gifts

One of the best gifts and most heartfelt ways to show appreciation is by making a gift yourself. Giving unique teacher gifts not only adds a personal touch but can also be cost-effective. 

a child is making Christmas decorations - inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers.

The Sentimental Value of Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are special items and an inexpensive teacher gift idea that cannot be replicated by store-bought items. 

When you put time, effort, and creativity into making a gift for someone, it shows how much you care about them. 

Handmade goodies also tend to be more unique and one-of-a-kind, making them even more meaningful to the recipient. 

a homemade pencil holder with pencils - inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers.

Creative DIY Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Here are a few crafty gifts that teachers will appreciate:

1) A jar filled with homemade cookies or other treats

2) A hand-painted mug or pencil holder

3) A personalized bookmark

4) Handmade candles or bath bombs

5) A Christmas ornament or decoration

Suggestions for Involving Your Child in Making These Gifts

Involving your child in making the gift is a great way to not only save money but also create a meaningful bonding experience. 

A mother and daughter are working on making something - inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers.

Depending on their age and skill level, your child can help with simple tasks such as mixing ingredients for treats or decorating the gift with stickers or drawings. 

For older students, you could work together to make the gift from scratch, allowing them to learn new skills and take pride in their creations. 

A handwritten note can serve as a heartfelt addition to any gift or even a stand alone gesture of appreciation. In an age dominated by digital communication, taking the time to write a message by hand signifies thoughtfulness and sincerity. 

Younger students may need help with a note, but high schoolers and middle schoolers should be able to craft one themselves. 

Practical Supplies

Teachers often need various supplies for their classrooms, and offering a practical gift can be a thoughtful way to support them in their jobs. 

Affordable Yet Practical Items Teachers Often Need

Some useful and inexpensive gifts for teachers include:

6) School supplies such as dry-erase markers, pens, pencils, construction paper or sticky notes

7) Books for the classroom library 

8)  Lunch bag

9)  Gift cards for educational resources or teaching supplies stores 

10)  A journaling notebook

11) Hand sanitizer

12) Lip balm

Here’s a tip: Check out your local dollar store or dollar tree for cheap gift ideas. 

a lunch bag - inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers.

Suggestions for Personalized Gifts

To add a personal touch to these practical gifts, you could include handwritten notes or drawings from your child expressing their appreciation for the teacher. 

You could also consider getting the supplies personalized with the teacher’s name or classroom number. 

Another idea is to create a themed gift basket with a variety of practical items and add a handmade card or decoration to make it more special. 

Here are some personalized gift ideas: 

14) Coffee mug

15) Tote bag

16) Water bottle 

17) Notepad or planner

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Gift cards and vouchers are inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers which are always convenient and appreciated. They allow teachers to choose items they need for their classrooms, or treat themselves to something special. 

Different Types of Gift Cards

Gift cards and vouchers are a good idea for teachers as they give them the freedom to choose what they need or want. 

It saves them from receiving duplicate gifts or items that may not be useful to them. 

Additionally, gift cards and vouchers can also be saved for future purchases or used when needed.

There are many types of gift cards available that would make great gifts for teachers such as: 

18) Gift certificate from a local coffee shop 

19) Bookstore gift cards 

20) Restaurant gift cards 

21) Office supply store gift cards 

22) Online educational resources gift cards 

23) Amazon gift card

gift cards - inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers

Homemade Treats

Homemade treats are thoughtful cheap teacher gifts. They show a personal touch and are typically appreciated by teachers who often receive store-bought gifts. 

Ideas For Homemade Treats

24) Cookies or brownies

25) Granola bars 

26) Homemade jam or preserves

27) Mason jar of caramel popcorn 

28) Infused oils or vinegars 

Here’s a tip: Include the recipe in case the teacher wants to make more on their own or has allergies. 

jars of jam - inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers

Plants or Flowers

Plants or flowers make a beautiful great gift option for teacher gift ideas.  They can brighten up a classroom or teacher’s home, and they also provide a sense of calmness and relaxation. 

Suggestions for Low-Cost Potted Plants or Flower Arrangements

29) Succulents or cacti 

30) Herb garden kit 

31) Miniature indoor tree 

32) Potted flowering plants such as a peace lily or orchid 

33) Seed packets also make a wonderful thrifty present.

Here’s a tip: Include care instructions to help the teacher keep the plant healthy and thriving.

cacti - inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers

Group Gifts

If you are looking for a larger gift idea, consider organizing a group gift with other parents or students in the class. 

This not only saves on costs but also allows for a more meaningful and practical present.

Suggestions for Group Gifts: 

34) A gift card to a teacher supply store 

35) A donation to the class budget

36) A spa day or weekend getaway trip 

37) A personalized gift such as a custom-made piece of art or jewelry 

38) Tickets to a show, concert, or sporting event.

Here’s a tip: Make sure to discuss and plan the group gift with other parents or students beforehand to avoid duplicating gifts or leaving anyone out. 

Popcorn with theater tickets - inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers

Pooling Resources can Lead to More Substantial and Thoughtful Gifts

Pooling resources with other parents or students can lead to a more substantial and thoughtful gift for the teacher. 

By pooling funds, you can afford to give larger gifts that the teacher may not have been able to purchase on their own. 

Additionally, group gifts often come with a heartfelt note or card from multiple people, showing the teacher just how much they are appreciated by their entire community. 

This can make the gift even more meaningful and special for the teacher. 

Other Great Ideas

If you are still looking for more ideas, here are a few other suggestions that may inspire you: 

39) Cozy socks 

40) Scented candle

41) A subscription to a teacher-themed magazine or newsletter 

42) An engraved pen and pencil set

43) A board game

44) Key chain

45) A book

Note: If you need ideas for books, Up Educators lists 10 books that they consider must-reads for teachers.

Conclusion to Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Teachers

In conclusion, there are many inexpensive Christmas gifts for Teachers to choose from. From DIY gifts to group gifts, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation for teachers and still stay within your budget. 

Summarizing the Various Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Teachers

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking of budget-friendly gifting ideas for those special teachers in your life! 

From handmade tokens of appreciation to practical gifts they can use in their classroom, there are lots of thoughtful and affordable presents to choose from. 

A Christmas gift with a gift tag that says, "To the Best Teacher Ever".

Make it extra special with a personalized note – or treat them to a gift card for their favorite store or restaurant. 

Your teacher will also appreciate homemade treats or a festive bouquet of plants or flowers. 

Whatever you choose, show your teacher how much you care by taking the time to select something meaningful and personal this holiday season – without breaking your budget.

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Reiterating the Significance of Showing Gratitude During the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, it’s important to not only think about giving gifts to loved ones and friends but also to show gratitude for those who have made a positive impact in our lives – such as teachers.

With these budget-friendly gift ideas and tips for coordinating group gifts, you can make the holiday season even more special for your favorite teachers.

Remember to also express your gratitude through heartfelt words and gestures – it will mean the world to them!

So go ahead, get creative and spread some joy to those who have dedicated their time and energy to educating and guiding.


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      1. My sister is a teacher and she would love many of these gifts! The infused olive oils is a really cool idea!

      2. I have a very close friend who’s a teacher and this blog you have is just wonderful! Thanks for all the good stuff! Might get her a succulent, she loves that one

      3. Thank you for these helpful ideas! My oldest son started kindergarten, and I realized it is so hard to be a teacher. I would like to send some books for the class library this Christmas and a gift card for the teacher.

      4. I worked as a teacher for many years before I became a stay-at-home mom. It’s the little gifts that speak volumes. These are great ideas! thank you

      5. This is such a great list for inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers. A succulent or cacti are both perfect as they are cute and look great in a variety of places at home or school.

      6. These are all great ideas for gifts for teachers. I love how there are nice things for teachers who work so hard to show our appreciation without breaking bank.

      7. Such good ideas! I am going shopping this weekend and wanted to pick some things up for my kids’ teachers – I feel like I always get the same things – but this has great ideas! Ty!

        1. You’re welcome, Morgan! I’m glad you found the post helpful for choosing some gifts for your childrens’ teachers.

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