How to Make Money as a Teenager: Over 60 Awesome Ideas

How to Make Money as a Teenager: Over 60 Awesome Ideas
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Introduction to How to Make Money as a Teenager

In today’s world, teenagers are often seen as lazy and entitled. However, many teenagers are eager to earn extra spending money and start to become financially independent. 

If you have a teenager looking to make their own money, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I will explore various ways on how to make money as a teenager.

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Importance of Financial Independence for Teenagers

Making money as a teenager is not just about having extra cash to spend on things. It also teaches important life skills such as responsibility, time management, and discipline.

Financial independence at a young age can set teenagers up for success in the future and help them become more financially savvy. As a stay-at-home mom, I have seen firsthand how learning to make money has positively impacted my teenage children.

Personal story on How to Make Money as a Teenager

One day my oldest child decided to start making birch candle holders and selling them door to door when he was about 13 years old. He immediately started making money from the neighbors.

My son wanted to expand the business with his siblings, so I helped him and my other children start their own holiday decorations business. 

With the capital that my son earned selling door-to-door, I helped my children pick out craft supplies. They set up folding tables and used my husband’s big shop to create table decorations and wreaths to sell to local businesses.

My children were very successful and evolved their decoration business into a food vending business. This happened while they were selling their decorations to businesses. While out selling, they happened upon a street festival and were so impressed with the quick sales of the vendors that they wanted to recreate it for themselves.

Catherine Kay with her husband and older children under the children's kettle corn tent - making money as a teenager
My husband and I with my older kids under their kettle corn tent. I hope to find a better quality picture to replace this one.

My children decided they wanted to be food vendors, so my husband and I helped them start their own kettle corn and lemonade stand by loaning them money to buy the equipment they needed.

Not only were they able to pay back their loan to us quickly, their business grew to two tents and to include other items such as fried dough and blooming onions. We went to lots of events together for years which helped my children learn how to make money as a teenager while also gaining valuable skills. 

During this time, my children’s business had lots of articles written about it in the local papers. Our congressman sent my children a letter expressing his admiration of their entrepreneurial spirit and hard work!

a teenager making kettle corn - how to make money as a teenager
My oldest son stirring the kettle to make kettle corn.

Explanation of the Benefits of Earning Money at a Young Age

Some benefits of earning money as a teenager include gaining work experience, building a strong resume for future job opportunities, and learning how to manage finances. It also allows teenagers to have more control over their own spending and save for their future goals.

I’m a firm believer in the value of children working. My children are known for their strong work ethic. People in my local community WANT my children to work for them. 

People desire my children to work for them because they want hard workers. My children learned from a young age the value of hard work and responsibility through doing jobs and by working at their own businesses.

Preview of the Various Ways Teenagers Can Make Money

There are many different ways for teenagers to make money, from a traditional part-time job to online opportunities.  

Some examples include working at a retail store, babysitting, tutoring, freelance work such as graphic designing or writing, and even creating their own small business. 

Each option has its own benefits and can provide valuable experience and skills for teenagers to carry into their future careers.

Ultimately, the key is for teenagers to find something that interests them and that they are passionate about, as this will motivate them to work hard and succeed. 

In this guide, I will explore some of the most popular and effective ways to acquire income as a teen.

a girl behind a counter with flowers  talking with someone  - how to make money as a teenager

Traditional Jobs for Teenagers

One of the most straightforward paths for teenagers to earn money is through traditional jobs.

These jobs often offer not only a steady income but also valuable work experience, providing a glimpse into the responsibilities and rewards of the working world. 

Whether it’s retail, food service, or a local internship, these jobs can help teenagers learn the ropes of professional environments while developing essential life skills.

Part-Time Jobs in Retail, Food Service, or Hospitality Industries

Working in retail stores, restaurants, or hotels is a common option for teenagers. These jobs often have flexible schedules and offer valuable customer service experience.

a teen girl behind a counter writing something on a piece of paper - making money as a teenager

Last year my son got a job at a local restaurant in town. He was able to hitch a ride with our neighbor who worked there. 

Not only was this neighbor a good mentor for my son, but he also helped him to learn how to prepare many dishes. It was a good experience for my son and he got to something he loves (and now I get some great dinners when he cooks for us!).

Babysitting or Pet-Sitting Services

For teenagers who enjoy working with children or animals, babysitting or pet sitting can be a great source of income. This type of work also allows for a more flexible schedule and the ability to set your own rates.

a teen girl playing with two young children - teenagers making money

I babysat as a teen myself.  It was a great way for me to earn money as a teen and I didn’t have to go far because I babysat for children who lived two doors down from my house. It taught me valuable skills in responsibility.

One of my daughters was able to babysit for local moms. Since she was one of my oldest children, she had lots of experience with babies and small children.

Babysitting gave my daughter more experience with children and also allowed her to earn some extra money during her free time.

One thing I would suggest for anyone considering babysitting is to get certified in first aid and CPR. This will make your teen more marketable to parents and give them peace of mind knowing that their child or children are in good hands.

Lawn Mowing, Gardening, or Yard Work

Doing yard work for neighbors or local businesses can be a great way for teenagers to make money while also getting some exercise. This type of work is often in high demand during the warmer months.

a teenage boy mowing a lawn - how to make money as a teenager

Last year one of my sons worked for one of the members of my garden group. He cleared away a very large weedy spot for this member so she could plant a vegetable garden there. 

My son was paid well because he did a great job. This type of work was perfect for him because he loved being outside and working with his hands, not to mention getting paid for garden work (unlike at home!).

Tutoring or Academic Assistance for Peers or Younger Students

If your teen excels in a particular subject, offering tutoring services to peers or younger family members can be a lucrative option. This not only earns money but also helps develop leadership and teaching skills.

a teen boy and a younger girl sitting at a desk looking at open books - how to make money as a teenager

Computer assistance is another great way to make money. I’ve paid my techy son to help me when I’m having computer and phone issues or problems with the TV.  This has been a great way for him to make a little extra cash while helping me out.

Mentoring and Working With Dad

Some teenagers might enjoy working with their dad, learning new skills, and helping out with tasks such as carpentry, painting, or car maintenance. Not only does this provide an opportunity for quality time with family, but it also introduces valuable life skills.

a man is watching a teenage boy soldering wires - how to make money as a teen

My oldest three sons worked with my husband when he was a building contractor. They learned how to use power tools and work on a variety of different construction projects with him. 

Working with my husband not only gave them invaluable skills but also allowed them to earn money by helping their dad on job sites.

One of these sons also mentored under my husband to learn insurance adjusting. This led to him becoming the youngest person in our state to become an insurance adjuster. 

Other Traditional Job Ideas for Teens 

Here are some other more traditional job ideas that your teen could explore:

  • movie theater –  food service or ticket sales
  • lifeguard –  requires certification but can be a fun and active job 
a teen girl with the word "lifeguard" on the back of her shirt - how to make money as a teenager
  • camp counselor – can provide leadership and teamwork skills
  • newspaper delivery – early morning hours but can provide a steady income (I did this when I was a young teen)
  • pet grooming – if your teen loves animals, they could offer pet grooming services to friends and neighbors 
  • computer assistance – if your teen is tech-savvy, they could offer help with computer setup or troubleshooting to those in need 
  • fitness coaching – if your teen is into fitness, they could offer personal training or coaching services to others
  • dog walking services – many people need help walking their dogs while they are at work. Your teen could offer dog walking services
a teenage boy is walking a dog - how to earn money as a teenager
  • grocery store bagger – work at your local grocery store bagging groceries for customers.
  • coffee shop – work at a local coffee shop as a barista, learning about different types of coffee and developing customer service skills
  • library – shelving books and other tasks
  • house cleaning – a great way for teens to earn money while learning valuable skills like organization and time management
a teenage girl vacuuming a rug - how to make money as a teenage girl

Online Opportunities

In today’s digital age, there are also many opportunities that teens can take advantage of for making money online. An online business can often allow for more flexibility and the ability to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection.

Freelance Writer, Graphic Designer, or Social Media Manager

For teenagers with creative skills, freelance writing, graphic design, or social media management can provide a flexible and potentially lucrative source of income.

Websites like Fiverr and Upwork make it easy to connect with clients (Upwork requires someone to be 18 years and older and Fiverr lets younger teens sell on their platform).

Selling Handmade Art and Crafts

Turning your hobby into profit is easy with platforms like Etsy, where creative teens can showcase and sell their handmade crafts and artwork to a global audience.

My daughter took her old pants that she had outgrown and made hats out of them and sold them on ebay.

two homemade denim hats - how tot make money as a teenager

Some handmade ideas to sell are:  

  • Customized t-shirts
  • Bracelets and jewelry
  • Hand-painted artwork or prints
  • Homemade candles or soap
  • affiliate marketing
someone is making jewelry - how to make money as a teenager

Participating in Paid Surveys 

Many companies are willing to pay for the opinions of teenagers on various products and services. Participating in paid online survey sites can be a quick and easy side hustle in your spare time; however, you won’t make much money doing it.

a computer screen that says, "survey" - how to make money as a teenager.

Here are a few good sites for doing online surveys to make a few extra bucks:  

Blogging and Creating YouTube Videos and Eventually Monetizing Them

If you have a passion for writing or creating videos, starting a blog or YouTube channel can be a great idea and potentially profitable venture. As their audience grows, you can monetize your content through ads or sponsorships.

Other Online Opportunities for Teens 

There are many online businesses teens can start, as long as they have access to a computer or smartphone and the internet. Some other ideas include: 

  • Virtual tutor
  • Transcription service provider
  • Social media influencer
  • Online language translator
  • Freelance web designer or developer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Setting up social media accounts for people
a teenage girl is working at a laptop computer at a desk

Entrepreneurial Ventures

For teenagers who are particularly ambitious and independent, there are also opportunities to start your own business.

Starting a Small Business in Your Local Community

For teenagers with an entrepreneurial spirit, starting their own business in their local community can be a great way to earn money and gain valuable skills. This could include services such as car washing, baking, or lawn care.

One of my daughters baked cookies at holiday time and sold them in our town. She made a Facebook page and made posts with pictures of her cookies to local community groups. She took orders for pick up on certain dates. It was a great way for my daughter to earn money while doing something she enjoyed doing (and eating!).

a screen shot of Catherine Kay's daughter's FB baked goods page - how teenagers can make money

Reselling Items Online

With the rise of e-commerce, reselling items online has become an easy way to make money.

Utilizing platforms such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace, teens can sell clothes and various items for a profit. They can find inexpensive items at a yard sale, flea market, or consignment shop to resell online.

One of my sons buys and resells things. He likes to purchase things at thrift stores such as electronics. He then fixes them up and lists and sells them on eBay for a higher price. He has made quite a bit of money doing this.

Creating and Selling Digital Products

Crafting and marketing digital products can be a lucrative pursuit for individuals with creative skills.

This encompasses eBooks, printables, or digital art items that are marketable on online platforms like Etsy or your self-hosted website.

Offering Services

Teenagers can also offer their skills and services to others as a way to earn money. They could wash cars, organize and clean homes or spaces, or event planning for parties or gatherings.

My son currently takes care of a lady’s horses in the wintertime at the ranch we live on. He needs to prepare their food and feed them twice a day, making sure that the feed doesn’t freeze. It is a good way for him to earn some pocket money while learning responsibility and animal care.

I have one child who isn’t a teen yet, but she offers me organizing and cleaning services such as cleaning out the refrigerator. It’s good to teach younger kids responsibility and work ethic while giving them a chance to earn some money. 

Other Small Business Ideas for Teens

In addition to the ideas mentioned above, there are many other business opportunities that teenagers can pursue. Some additional ideas include:

  • Running errands – offering to run errands for busy adults in your community, such as grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning
  • Doing odd jobs in the community – Performing miscellaneous tasks or giving extra help to neighbors
  • Music lessons – if you have musical talent, consider offering lessons to younger children in your area
  • Dance lessons – if you have dance experience, offer lessons to children or adults in your community
  • Photography services – if you have a passion for photography, offer your services for events such as weddings, birthdays, or family portraits
  • Seasonal jobs: leaf raking, snow shoveling, help with holiday decorating
a teenager taking a picture with a camera - how to make money as a teenager

Skills Development and Education

Aside from earning money, teenage entrepreneurial ventures can also provide opportunities for skills development and education.

Investing in Learning New Skills Through Online Courses or Workshops

With the abundance of online courses and workshops available, teenagers can invest in learning new skills that can not only help them in their current ventures but also prepare them for future opportunities.

This could include courses in coding, graphic design, social media marketing, or financial management.

a teenage boy weariing a headset is working at a comptuer - how to make money as a teenager

Applying Acquired Skills to Freelance Work or Entrepreneurial Ventures 

Once new skills have been learned, teenagers can put them to use by offering freelance services or incorporating them into their entrepreneurial ventures.

This not only allows for the development of practical skills but also showcases a diverse skillset that can be attractive to potential employers.

Pursuing Internships or Apprenticeships in Fields of Interest

Internships and apprenticeships offer valuable hands-on experience in a specific field of interest. Teenagers can seek out these opportunities to gain real-world knowledge and skills, making them more competitive in the job market.

Additionally, these experiences can help teenagers narrow down their career interests and goals.

a bunch of teens are talking with a lady - how to make money as a teenager

Saving and Budgeting Money Earned

Teenagers can learn the importance of financial responsibility by saving and budgeting the money they earn. This can help alleviate some of the financial burden when it comes to pursuing higher education or other educational opportunities.  

Learning to save and budget will also prepare teenagers for managing their finances in the future.

a notebook with the words, "Budget, Income, Saving, Expenses" written on it - how to make money as a teenager

Financial Literacy and Money Management

In addition to skills development and education, teenage entrepreneurial ventures can also teach valuable lessons in financial literacy and money management.

Importance of Learning About Personal Finance and Responsible Money Management

Personal Finance and money management skills are essential not only for entrepreneurial ventures but also for personal financial stability in the long run.

Through learning about budgeting, saving, investing, and frugality, teenagers can make wise financial choices. Financial experts such as Dave Ramsay or Robert Kiyosaki are good resources for teenagers to learn about personal finance and money management.

Teenagers should be taking this time to open a bank account, learn about credit and debit cards, as well as understanding the importance of building credit.

a notebook with the works, "financial literacy" and some charts and graphs - how to make money as a teenager

Recommendations for Books on Personal Finance

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets about Money – That You Don’t Learn in School!” by Robert T. Kiyosaki This book provides insights into building wealth and achieving financial freedom and includes, “Work to learn, not to earn.”
  2. The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke – by Suze Orman. Suze Orman, a trusted financial advisor, tackles common money mistakes and provides advice on money matters for “generation debt” as the media likes to call it.
  3. Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze. This book is co-authored by a father-daughter duo who share personal stories and tips for parents on how to teach their kids about money at an early age.
  4. Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? Very interesting with easy explanations of Economics (An Uncle Eric Book by Richard J. Maybury). This is an important book for teens to read about economics. 
  5. Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career, and Financial Security  – This is another good book and the first in the series by Richard J. Maybury.  It covers various topics including taxes, investments, and entrepreneurship in an easy-to-understand way.
a picture of books written by "Uncle Eric"/Richard J. Maybury

Tips on Budgeting, Saving, and Investing Money Wisely

  1. Create a budget – Track your income and expenses to get a clear understanding of where your money is going. This will help you make informed decisions about where to cut back or save more.
  2. Save for emergencies – Setting aside a portion of your income for unexpected expenses is called an emergency fund.
  3. Invest in yourself – Consider investing in education or skills that can lead to higher earning potential in the future.
  4. Start saving early – The earlier you start saving and investing, the more time your money has to grow.
a picture of a jar with coins in it with the word "Emergency Fund" written on it - how to make money as a teenager

Overcoming Challenges and Resilience

Navigating life’s hurdles requires not only strength but also resilience. Here, we will explore strategies for overcoming challenges, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and adaptability in the face of adversity:

Challenges and Setbacks to Making Money as a Teenager 

Despite the benefits and opportunities for teenagers to make money, some challenges and setbacks may arise. Some common ones include:

  1. Limited job options – Many companies have age restrictions for employment, making it difficult for teenagers to find jobs.
  2. Lack of experience – Without prior work experience or skills, it can be challenging to secure a job or negotiate higher pay.
  3. Time management – Balancing school, extracurricular activities, and work responsibilities can be overwhelming for some teenagers.
  4. Financial responsibility – With more income comes greater financial responsibility, such as managing taxes and saving money for the future.
  5. Rejection and failure – Teens may face rejection or failure when applying for jobs or starting a business, which can be discouraging.
a sad looking teenage boy - how to make money as a teenager

Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles, Staying Motivated, and Developing Resilience

While facing challenges and setbacks is inevitable, some strategies can help teenagers overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and develop resilience in their pursuit of making money. Here are a few tips:

  1. Be persistent – Don’t give up easily, and keep trying even if you face rejection or failure. Use setbacks as opportunities to learn and improve.
  2. Network – Connect with people who have experience or knowledge in your desired field.
    Building a network can unlock job prospects and offer valuable guidance.
  3. Develop new skills – Consider learning new skills that align with your interests and could potentially lead to job opportunities or income. This could include taking courses, volunteering, or interning.
  4. Time management – Create a schedule and prioritize your tasks to balance school, work, and personal activities effectively. This can help reduce stress and improve productivity.
  5. Seek mentorship – Look for mentors who can guide you and provide support throughout your journey of making money. They can offer valuable insight and advice based on their own experiences.
  6. Embrace failure – Instead of letting failure discourage you, use it as a learning experience. Failure is a natural part of the process, and it can lead to personal growth and improvement.
  7. Celebrate successes – Don’t forget to celebrate small victories along the way! Recognize your progress and accomplishments to boost your confidence and motivation.
a teenage girl is smiling and is putting her hand up in the air as in victory - how to make money as a teenager

Safety and Legal Considerations

While engaging in teen entrepreneurship can bring positive and rewarding experiences, young adults must prioritize safety and understand the legal implications involved.

Importance of Parental Supervision and Guidance When Seeking Opportunities

While teenage entrepreneurial ventures can provide valuable learning experiences, parents need to supervise and guide their children when seeking out opportunities. This ensures their safety and helps prevent any potential legal issues.

Teens need to have oversight online to protect their personal information from potential scams or predators. Parents should also be involved in any contracts or agreements their child may enter into to ensure they fully understand the terms and conditions.

a man is showing a teenage boy something on a laptop - how to make money as a teen

Understanding Legal Regulations and Requirements

As with any business venture, there are legal regulations and requirements that young entrepreneurs must adhere to. This includes obtaining permits or licenses for certain businesses, following safety regulations, and meeting tax obligations.

Understanding Legal Requirements for Working as a Teenager  

Depending on the location, teenagers may need to obtain work permits to legally work or provide freelance services. Teenagers and their parents need to understand the Fair Labor Standards Act and the child labor laws in their state and comply with these legal requirements.

Ensuring Safety and Proper Equipment for Jobs Involving Physical Labor or Hazards

Teenagers should be cautious when taking on jobs that involve physical labor or potential hazards. It is important to ensure proper safety equipment and precautions are in place to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Parents should also encourage their children to speak up if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a work environment.

a teenage girl has on a hat, ear protectors and googles - how to make money as a teenager

Researching Reputable Online Platforms and Avoiding Scams or Fraudulent Offers 

With the rise of online job opportunities, teenagers should be cautious when seeking work through the internet. It is important to research and use reputable platforms to avoid falling victim to scams or fraudulent offers.

Volunteering and Giving Back

Volunteering and giving back to the community is not only a fulfilling experience, but it can also help teenagers develop important skills and values. Some ways in which teenagers can get involved in volunteering include: 

Volunteering at Local Nonprofits or Organizations 

Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to carry out their missions. Teenagers can get involved by volunteering at a local organization that aligns with their interests and passions.

Volunteering could include helping out at an animal shelter, participating in a beach clean-up, or assisting with events for a charity.

someone is petting a dog - how to make money as a teenager

Hospitals or Nursing Homes

Some hospitals and nursing homes have volunteer programs where teens can assist with patient activities, provide companionship, or help with administrative tasks.

Libraries or Museums 

Teens interested in literature, arts, or history can volunteer at libraries, museums, or cultural centers to assist with shelving books, organizing exhibits, or leading tours.

a teenager is standing in front of a cartload of library books - how to make money as a teenager

Conclusion to How to Make Money as a Teenager

As teenagers enter the workforce, they need to understand their rights and responsibilities.

By being aware of laws and regulations, practicing good communication skills, and seeking opportunities through reputable sources, teenagers can have a positive and valuable work experience.

Additionally, young people getting involved in volunteering can not only benefit others but also help them develop important skills and values that will benefit them in their future endeavors. 

Recap of Key Points and Opportunities Discussed in this Blog Post

Throughout this blog post, I’ve explored the multifaceted world of teen entrepreneurship and personal finance, highlighting the importance of understanding legal requirements, ensuring safety, and navigating online opportunities with caution. 

Taking these insights onboard, young individuals are better positioned to make informed decisions and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with confidence.

Encouragement for Teenagers to Explore Their Interests and Pursue Money-Making Ventures

Encouraging teenagers to explore their interests and consider money-making ventures is not just about financial gain; it’s an invaluable learning experience. 

By engaging in entrepreneurial activities, teens can develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills. These experiences can shape their future, inspiring a generation of innovative and resilient individuals ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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Please share them in the comments section below and let’s continue the conversation on How to Make Money as a Teenager!  Remember, it’s never too early to start learning about money management and exploring opportunities for success.


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    1. I love all of these great recommendations! My nephews are 10 and 12 and are starting to want to earn money. I’ll definitely share these great ideas with them!

    2. So many employment options now for teennagers. I feel old but when I was a kid there were more just the traditional jobs for teenagers. So many more virtual options for teens now. I did love babysitting at the time.

    3. What a terrific list of ways to make money as a teenager. I picked strawberries for my first job. You have a bunch of hard-working, accomplished kids. Well-done!

    4. I love the tips you share in this post. It’s perfect timing for my teenage son as we recently started to talk about this subject. Thanks for this post!

    5. I love this comprehensive list of how to earn money as a teenager. I couldn’t wait to get my first job – it was at Sears. There are so many more creative ways to earn an income for teenagers today. I like the traditional ideas of lifeguarding, dog walking, and lawn care are highlighted as well.

    6. Wow! These are great ideas for teen jobs! I love how you supported your teens in their ambition to be a good vendor! That’s pretty awesome and shows real life skills!

    7. Such great ideas! My kids are still young, but they like to earn extra dollars for helping us. I think my youngest son will be a great lifeguard at summer camp.

    8. Such great ideas for how to make money as a teenager! Have forwarded this to my 15 year old son…..he’s desperate to get a job and make some money, as am I for him!

    9. This is a great list for teenagers of ways to make money! I remember trying to find this kind of information when I was younger but it was tricky to find, where as this would have been an amazing resource to have!

      1. Thanks, Katherine! It’s much easier today for teens to find opportunities because of the Internet especially.

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